Shortcuts to problem solving in Physics.

With the Objective type questions becoming the standard in JEE, things have surely become a lot simpler for students. This post deals with how you can effectively utilize the Objective format of the paper to your benefit.
Lets say you have been given a question about finding the acceleration of some object in some system. Normally, the student would start writing the equations and then solve them to get the answer. While this method is certainly correct, the Objective format also rewards time [especially in AIEEE] Instead of solving the question you could check the dimensions of the answers given to eliminate 1-3 options. While this may sound ridiculous, yet its the truth. Pick up any question paper and you are sure to find some questions which can be used to test this trick. Once you have eliminated the options [it takes a few seconds] you can easily crack the problem with a small margin of error.
If the question cannot be cracked by you and you decide to make a calculated guess then this method greatly reduces the probability of error in your answer. Another trick is to check out the feasibility of a solution. Lets say you are having a hard time deciding whether the MOI of a particular linear object about an axis making an angle A with it should be KML^2 X Sin A or KML^2 Cos A [Only an example]. What you can do now is think logically that the Sin function is 0 at 0 and increases as the angle increases such that it is 0 when the object overlaps the axis and maximum when the object is stretched to the maximum possible distance. Sounds logical? Similar reasoning will help you eliminate the Cos A option.
Please be aware that these tricks can only be used as support in some cases and it is not advisable to completely rely on them.

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