Download I.E. Irodov's Problems in Physics alongwith Solutions by Abhay Kuma Singh. [E-BOOK]

Irodov is considered to be a classic, a masterpiece on physics and one of the best problem solving books from the Soviet era. The problems in this book challenges even the best brains in the world. It mostly tests the fundamentals of your knowledge in basic Physics. The classic Irodov problems are daunting in the sense that they are informal and need a thorough understanding of not only a single chapter but a good understanding of all the fundamentals.Some of the problems may take several hours long but don't get bogged down.If you can solve at least 80% of the problems in a single exercise you can rest assure that you have clear fundamentals and also do have the ability to apply them.

For viewing the files you need to get WinDJView.

Software (for Windows) [Mac and Linux users can request for a separate software in the comments section.

Irodov's Problems in Physics.

Solutions By Abhay Kumar Singh. Part I

Solutions by Abhay Kumar Singh Part II


Venkat said...

thanks i was looking for an english version!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot dude.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot man...

Sanjay said...

Thanks bro for downloads stuff . Do you have problem book of Krostov

sangram said...

i am unable to open after down loading the books.

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